Are you dreading spring? Or do you live in an area where the grass never stops growing! Are you struggling to control your grass effective horse or are you sick of buying 4 or 5 supplements to get results?

By far, we get more requests for help from customers with grass effected horses than any other issue. The second most prevalent challenge people have with their horses is gastric issues, and since both can cause temperament change it can be trial and error to figure out which is the prevalent cause, sometimes its a combination of both!  
When this happens, no one is having any fun. Your horse isn't, and you the rider, most certainly isn't!

Fortunately there are effective concentrated options that simplify supplementing these horses and get real results.

Here at Elite we always aim to simplify the process but use 100% actives that give you brilliant results.  No more buying 4 or 5 supplements to manage your grass effected horse or cheap products that don't do a full job of returning your horse back to his/her normal state.

We have several ways you can control your horses grass related symptoms plus adding other benefits. Below are 4 options. If you need help choosing please don't hesitate to contact us!

OPTION 1 - GRAZE PLUS - Simply Grass

                  - Contains concentrated magnesium proteinate (the most absorbable magnesium) plus a registered binder for use in equines ( we are not publically saying which one because its so good!).

OPTION 2 - ORGANIC PLUS & GRAZE - Cost effective and perfect for more sensitive horses.

                  - Full organic proteinate mineral support including a magnesium proteinate supplement plus Graze, which contains a registered binder for use in equines. This option allows customers to change the binding dose without changing the mineral dose.

OPTION 3 - COMPETE & GRAZE - The Ultimate Solution

                  - The diamond partnership and our most popular combination that also supports horses to heal from Mud Fever usually within the first month. Ideal for very grass sensitive horses because it allows the customer to increase the binder dosage (Graze) without increasing the ingredients in Compete. This combination also supports hind gut health, the metabolism of sugars, it conditions and supports all the systems of the horse including hooves and it produces a brilliant coat. For this reason we call it our competition formula. Generally horses on Compete decrease their feed intake by at least half in the first 3 months and grow a finer darker coat that sheds earlier.

OPTION 4 - BREED & GROW - The all-round solution.

                  - A full organic proteinate mineral supplement with an included toxin binder, amino acids and nucleotides (ingredients included in Mega Build). This product conditions and has immune support but has lower levels of magnesium than Organic Plus or Compete.

CHILL ME - our popular calmer Chill Me is easily added to these options for an added calming effect for outings or stressful situations. If fed at the same time as Organic Plus or Compete it has an even stronger effect! For only $2 a dose it is fantastic value and it fits in with your other supplements perfectly just when you need it!

SUBMIT - If you have a hormonal mare or horse or one that likes to take charge and its not reacting to grass, you cannot go by Submit to soften body and mind. Now available in the smaller 5 - 10 doses it is easy to buy in lesser amounts for one off situations. This product is just wonderful to make your friend more biddable and easy going! Submit is compatible with all our foundation formulas.

GASTRO GO - the ultimate nutritional support for the horse suffering from bacterial upset, gastric and colonic ulceration. Perfect for breakers, competition horses, those who are exhibiting signs of stress, poor condition, appetite or stable vices.