Unlike other companies, we do not say we have the best quality products on the market and hope you believe it, we KNOW we do from a scientific and chemistry perspective (more about that below).

We are results driven, not driven by profit margins and believe strongly that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. This philosophy not only produces better results but in fact costs you less in the long run due to more efficient feed utilisation, less vet bills and less breeding cycles to achieve pregnancy. To achieve success it is paramount to pay attention to the best possible management and nutrition ...and that is where we come in.

We are not quietly cutting cormers or using cheap ingredients to improve margins, we want the absolute best possible result for the best possible performance, whether that is
just having a healthy sane pleasure horse to enjoy for years, a gold medal performance at the Olympics or getting your mare in foal to produce the next champion.


No other supplement on the market uses exclusively proteinate organic minerals in their products. Why? Because they are superior and superior means they are more expensive to include in a product. Some companies use 1 or 2 in a formula but no one else uses them exclusively.

So what is so special about these minerals? These minerals are the most absorbable and most non toxic minerals in the world, they are also guaranteed contaminant free.

Does this make a difference to your horse? ABSOLUTELY!

In addition to the quality minerals used, we also add probiotics, muscle builders, and immune boosts, amino acids & nucleotides to both simplify your feeding and ensure that your horse is supported from every possible angle to be as fit, healthy, strong and able to perform at their very best.

Advertisers throw around words to entice the customer to purchase their products and it can be a mine field to determine the truth behind the claims.


The word "organic" for example is used in 3 completely different contexts in marketing, and so there is significant confusion amongst customers as to what they are buying.  It is common for products which do not contain organic minerals to claim to be organic, or have only small amounts while inferring they are completely organic.

The word organic can be used to mean "naturally sourced", "contaminant free" (similar to food) or organic from a chemistry perspective (the proper definition when referring to minerals).

Elite Equine foundation mineral formulas are organic from all 3 perspectives. They are completely organic from a chemistry perspective, the raw minerals are naturally sourced and they are guaranteed contaminant free. The only supplements to achieve this other than formulas made by Alltech themselves.

Words of advice when assessing a product.


1 - If the product claims to be organic check that they have listed minerals that are organic on the back. If they do not state what form the mineral comes in, for example,  a proteinate or aspartate etc Then you can be certain they are not properly organic. If they were they would be anxious to state this information as it is definitely a plus.

2- If the product contains selenium in a liquid form, the product is not organic. There is only 1 non toxic form of selenium in the word and that is selenium yeast. It comes in powder form never liquid.

3- Be wary of wording. Some companies like to infer all of their minerals are organic, when in fact only 1 or 2 are. Usually the organic minerals are listed first and the inorganics listed after. Ask questions!

4- If the product is free of contaminants they will state it has been tested.

5-Just because a product is naturally sourced, it does not mean it is non toxic, absorbed well or contaminant free. Be aware of the use of the word ORGANIC.

Why do we use Bioplex organic proteinates in our mineral formulas?

1- Because they are close to perfect in absorption due to the molecule structure, and when all  minerals are in the same form you get the ultimate in mineral supplementation because there are no differences in absorption between minerals.

2- They are non toxic unlike regular minerals. Regular minerals have very real toxicity issues which over loads the organs trying to excrete them, and risks your horses health.

3 - Bioplex minerals have a Q+ quality assurance which means they are tested before and after processing to ensure that no contaminants are present. This is a big deal when 28-45% of all minerals in raw form are contaminated with heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs.

You can be assured that when you choose Elite Equine - High Performance foundation formulas you are choosing the very best supplementation your horse can receive.