Quotes I had been watching comments on FB about this product and its positive outcome on Mud Fever. I admit I was sceptical, however, the proof is in the pudding! I've been suing it for a couple of weeks and 'wow' what a difference! No more Mud Fever!! It has worked wonders on my boy! Thank you for such a great product!" Quotes
Helen Travers
Mud Fever Gone

Quotes I recently imported a horse from Australia. Unfortunately he suffered from colic due to high sugar in the New Zealand Grass. He had to go through gastric surgery which was highly stressful for Roo and myself. Due to the stress of the operation his weight dropped considerably and I thought it would take at least 4 months to recover his weight. I was recommended to start feeding him Mega Build. The weight gain and health of the horse was unbelievable in just 3 weeks. 4 weeks later he is back to his normal weight. The vets couldn't believe how he look in such a short period. Thank you for the fantastic product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." Quotes
Cate Wilson

Quotes "I am thoroughly impressed with Elite Equine competition formula COMPETE. It helps stabilise temperament, horses work better through their bodies, and their coat and condition is better. Everything is better!" Quotes
Peter Storr
National Trainer - Great Britain. British Dressage Team Member

Quotes Mega Build helps horses to develop faster and make them much stronger than training alone. I highly recommend it! Quotes
Lisa White
Grand Prix rider and trainer of 4* eventing stars

Quotes I would just like to let you know how impressed I am with your product - Formula 2 Compete. I have had my young horse on this for just over a month now and I could not be happier! His skin conditions have gone (pinto with sensitive pink skin), his topline is improving, as is his condition. He is a lot more settled - which in turn makes him far more pleasant to ride - going from reactive and 'hot' to being more trainable and willing. All this in just over a month.. And the only thing that has changed in his diet/routine is the addition of Compete.. Have to say that, to me, it is $85 odd a month well spent! I must have been living under a rock, but I wish I'd tried it earlier! Quotes
Jordan Stephenson

Quotes Finally my horse is utilizing the feed that I am putting into him. I could see weight gain starting in just a couple of weeks..for the first time in 3 years I can no longer see his ribs! He also had some skin problems that have also cleared up. Compete is a great product! Definitely worth the money, and the reduction in hard feed needed is reducing my feed costs drastically. Quotes
Nicola Grove

Quotes "I'm using it now ... and its working!" Quotes
Kim Knight
Compete & Mud Fever

Quotes "It is the BEST product! Honestly I have tried everything ...this works ...happy horse!!" Quotes
Erin Coates
Mud Fever - Compete

Quotes " I love this product. It has helped my horses Mud Fever clear up very quickly. Better than mucking around with creams and stuff that sometimes makes it worse!" Quotes
Gail Gerard

Quotes "I am using Compete and its working brilliantly for Mud Fever! I am actually really surprised. I have tried so many things and nothing seems to work. His Mud Fever has hung around for years and finally I think I have found something that works. I am not using any other Mud Fever product either." Quotes
Kim Fisher
Mud Fever
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